Using Antivirus Software Is Not Enough Anymore

“Using antivirus software is NOT enough. AV might have worked in 1997, but 20 years later it sure won’t. Hackers have found multiple ways to subvert antivirus software and hide their own attacks in a system, in many cases for an average of six months. With the advent of ransomware, the time frame from infection to damage has become almost instantaneous. In today’s world of quick and persistent threats, a prevention mindset to mitigate both known and unknown threats is essential. AV is terribly outdated”.

Cyber Security vs. IT Professionals

We Prevent ~ Detect ~ Respond To Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security Consulting Ops help organizations block hackers from accessing their network and devices. We also provide perimeter checks to help organizations find potential back-doors and exploits’ before hackers do. We fully understand the threat landscape is growing daily. Regular Antivirus isn’t sufficient anymore. Network and anti-malware protection has to be implemented together as well as customer education.

National Cyber Awareness System (NCAS) Feeds

Cyber Security Consulting Ops Service Offerings

  • Ransomeware-Cyber-Security-Consulting-Ops

    Ransomware Prevention

    “Ransomware is the most profitable type of malware in history. In the past, attackers primarily tried to steal information and maintain long-term

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  • Phishing-Attack-Cyber-Security-Consulting-Ops

    Phishing Attack Prevention

    “Cyber attackers are continuously finding new ways to infiltrate your network; spoofing, ransomware, phishing, zero-day attacks and Business Email

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  • IT-Security-Assessment-Cyber-Security-Consulting-Ops

    IT Security Assessment

    What is a Cyber Security Assessment or IT Risk Assessment? Should all businesses get a Risk Assessment? YES! When you hear the term “Cyber Security

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  • CSCO_Insider_Threat

    Insider Threat Protection

    Who could be an insider threat? ~~ An insider threat is a malicious threat to an organization that comes from people within the organization, such as

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Cyber Security Myths And Confusion ~ Information Technology (IT)Vs Cyber Security