Internet Security Myths About Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crime can’t happen to me. Only essential or rich people are targeted. Wrong!

The Internet is so prominent that no one wants to target me. And even if someone tried to attack your system, there wouldn’t be too much valuable data to be stolen. Wrong!

In most cases, people who embrace this thinking want to save time and money to address vulnerabilities and holes in their systems.

The problem with this type of wishful thinking is that it only takes a short time until a cybercriminal tries to compromise your system by using one of its vulnerabilities.

This happens because it is not about how you are. It’s only about your system protection level.

By using automated tools, online criminals probe systems to discover vulnerable computers and networks to take advantage of. Sorry to say most systems out of the box is susceptible. They may need necessary firmware or software updates. Remember, it’s not just about the personal information they are after; your Internet-connected system is also a valuable asset they can use for their malicious actions. They can use your compromised system as a bot to inflict DDos on other systems.

Even if you think there is no critical personal or financial data on the system, a potential identity thief or cybercriminal can still use the little data discovered and corroborate it with other information from different sources to have a complete picture.

Why take a risk when there are so many protection products and even free tools to keep you safe from malware?

So, don’t trust the odds telling you you should be safe out there. It’s a myth!

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