Wireless Access Point Audits

Wireless Access Point Audits

Due to the growing need for wireless networks and smartphones everywhere, wireless networks have become the primary target for cybercrime. The idea behind building a wireless network system is to provide easy access to users, which may open the door to attackers. Many wireless access points are infrequently, if ever, updated.
This has given hackers an easy target to steal unsuspecting users’ identities when they connect to public WI-Fi.
Because of this, it is imperative to Audit wireless networks for misconfigurations and anything that may need an update that is part of the Wi-Fi system. Our team evaluates the actual security, effectiveness, and performance to get an honest, in-depth review of the condition of a network.

Attacks against wireless networks can be facilitated in multiple ways, which is why securing these communications is essential to ensure the security of any organization.

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