Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

I.T. Security Assessment (penetration testing) can help protect applications by exposing weaknesses that provide an alternative route to sensitive data. Cyber Security Consulting Ops will help protect your digital enterprise against cyber-attacks and internal malicious behavior with end-to-end monitoring, advising, and defensive services.

The more you know about your vulnerabilities and security controls, the more you can strengthen your organization with practical governance, risk, and compliance procedures. With the growth in cyber-attacks and data breaches costing businesses and the public sector millions every year, cyber security is now high on the strategic agenda. The deliverables will be a report and result from analysis with the client and remedial action, which will depend on the results and the next course of action.

Whether you are looking for advice, testing, or auditing services, it is our job as information risk, security, and compliance specialists to protect our customers in today’s dynamic risk environment. Our elite team, experience, and proven approach protect you with future-proofed advice delivered in plain English.

By thinking outside the box and keeping up to date with all the latest developments, we ensure we keep you one step ahead of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Additionally, we offer weekly and monthly monitoring of endpoint devices if entities use our endpoint protection vendor.

~~We will collaborate with existing I.T. teams and share results from our assessments.~~