Month: August 2016

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End Point Protection

The End Point Protection is a technical term refer to the client’s technologies we used to protect your laptop, desktop, smart phones, tablets and other smart devices or devices that fall under the term Internet of Everything (IoT). These devices uses firmware or can be updated to fix vulnerabilities. The EPP is the technology installed on the aforementioned devices to protect them from hackers or those with intentions of doing us harm. There are numerous technologies like virus and malware protections that can be considered as EPP. Traditionally people and organization mistakenly spend too much effort on protecting the perimeter which in this case could be firewall protection, but very small amount of resources on End Point Protection. Too much resource spend on the perimeter is a poor return on your investment. Because of this type of security we get the coconut protection. Hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. This is where Cyber Security Consulting Ops can help you to protect your entire network to include all your End Point clients. Today Cyber Security has to have defense in depth. The coconut security concept is tremendously flawed. To better protect your assets you must have a layered security approach. It should be like a tough onion. To get to the middle a hacker must have to work hard to get to your asset.