Our Mission Statement

Cyber Security Consulting Ops Mission Statement.

“To reach, teach and protect our customers’ data and properties to the best of our abilities.”

How We Got Started:

We started Cyber Security Consulting Ops because we are passionate about helping others secure their assets and data against cybercriminals that prey on victims with all malicious tactics. Unfortunately, most victims will not know they have been breached for at least 197 days. Unfortunately, some will never find out. So we are here to help our customers and potential customers prevent data breaches by doing the things that will make it more difficult for bad actors to access their systems.

We Help Your Organization Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover From Cyber Attacks.

Cyber Security Consulting Ops offers online interactive cybersecurity training to companies. We don’t just send out phishing emails like other cybersecurity companies to their employees. Instead, we first show employees the tactics hackers use and how they can identify these attacks before they open an attachment or click on a link in an email.

We are a risk-management cybersecurity consulting firm focused on helping organizations prevent data loss and system lock-ups before a cyber breach. We provide remote workforce social engineering training for employees and external and external cybersecurity assessments. We also offer digital forensics to recover data after a cybersecurity breach.