Cyber Security Consulting Ops provides hardware and software security services for small businesses and residential properties.  Cyber Security Consulting Ops consults customers on how to protect their assets from hackers, spammers and others who wish to do us harm.  Cyber Security Consulting Ops service offerings include penetration testing and hardening of customers network devices. We also educate our clients of the latest social engineering threats thru newsletters.

Did you know that something as simple as a spammer or a hacker knowing your email address can expose you to serious risk?

There are thousands of social engineering risks that are launched to steal our identities everyday, do you know them?

Who we are?

I started my own website broadcasting company in 2008 doing live video streaming online. I also like the idea of live streaming monitoring security systems for homes. So I purchased a security DVR for my home. This DVR required 2 ports to be opened at all times to be able to see the videos outside of my home. Little did I know I was opening my network firewall to hackers. Everything went well for a few years. Then one day I was at work and wasn’t able to pull up my security DVR from work. I also started to noticed on one of my desktop computer strange and high severity blocks by my desktop firewall software. My desktop computer started to operate extremely slow. Around the same time within a week or so, I started to notice popups about casinos. That made me paused because I am not a person who visit casinos. One morning I went to a site and was re-directed to a site oversees. It was then I realized I may have someone or something on my home network. I knew enough about networking to realized something has changed my proxy server and sending my request to a place that was unknown to me. I was right! The hacker or hackers had made lots of changes to my home devices. They were ease dropping on my home network. Not knowing exactly how or what to do, I unplug all my connected devices and investigated one device at a time. My cable company wasn’t able to help troubleshoot what I was experiencing. I realized they did not have the expert’s to help me.  Thru trial and error, I was able to isolate my cloud storage and my security DVR as the two connected devices that were impacted and infected. I have learned a lot since then. With additional experience gained over the last 6 years. I have further my studies around Cyber threats and mitigation.

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