Cyber Security Consulting Ops is a vendor neutral consulting firm that specializes in Information Security Services. The team is experienced, trained and have been in information technology space since 1996. We have many network and technical certificates in information technology and cyber security field with a broad range of information security skills supplemented by subject matter experts. We provide hardware and software security services for small to medium size businesses and places of worships. Cyber Security Consulting Ops consults customers on how to protect their assets from hackers, spammers and others who wish to do us harm.  We have a great understanding of what it takes to secure assets using vendor software and a layered network defense in depth approach.

We started Cyber Security Consulting Ops because we have a passion for helping others secure their assets and data. We were once victims of cyber security breach. Even though the technology were sparse back in 2007 when we were breached. We were able to kick out the hackers within two days of discovering malicious activities on our devices and network. It took us at least one week to clean and replaced the devices that were infected by these thieves. This was extremely good for us then when you consider today’s data breach averages 197 from breach to discovery.

We were fortunate not to have our identities stolen, but we had a feeling of violated. We were breached by bad actors through our security DVR.  This is how we found out the hard way that protecting your assets is strictly your responsibility and not that of your internet provider or anyone else. Today we are working with businesses small to midsize sharing with them what we learned during our network breach and how they can prevent their network from getting breach which may lead to lost of data and important information. Cyber Security Consulting Ops service offerings include penetration testing and hardening of customers network devices. We also educate our clients of the latest social engineering threats thru newsletters.