Penetration Testing – PenTest

Penetration testing (PenTest) has become an integral part of a comprehensive security program, a simulated attack on systems or an entire IT infrastructure, and tests exposed the weakness in your core attack Vectors operating systems, network devices, and applications software. The idea is to find and secure vulnerabilities before Attackers exploit them.
Have been more important than it is today with DDOS attacks, phishing ransomware, and countless other tactics used by increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals. The best defense starts with knowing your strengths and weaknesses. As Sun Suu wrote in the art of war, give ignorant of your enemy and yourself. You are certain to be in peril. Pen testing provides intelligence and insight into how to mature your
Security organization by understanding how you could be and likely will be attacked and what steps you need to take to secure your organization. However, it rations tests are not created equal. If you were to Google Pen tests would likely find an assortment of companies offering to conduct inexpensive fast tests here to help me with your PC requirements or some other compliance. Standard tests need to be about more than checking a box. They need to be the critical starting point to improve cyber defense Further one important thing to remember vulnerability assessments are not pen tests, vulnerability assessments provide a prioritized list of vulnerabilities and how to remediate them. Quality pen tests have a goal in mind whether that is to hack into a specific system, reach a database, or simply probe as an attacker would find hackable systems.
Contests are conducted by ethical hackers to mimic the strategies and actions of an attacker. The five steps and pen testing should be one find a vulnerability to design an attack, three-point team of ethical hackers four determine what kind of data they could steal Five act on the findings.
Quality penetration tests should give you deep insight into the organization’s overall security posture and, more importantly, how to prioritize vulnerabilities found in the test and eliminate them in order to improve the organization’s security maturity.

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