Vulnerability Assessment

It’s Important To Run Vulnerability Assessment Test On Your Network

Find a company that can give you an assessment of your business and home network. There is a serious Cyberwar raging for your assets, and we must do all we can and more than we can to protect it. So many times, we hear about identity theft and for the most part, we assume it cannot happen to us while we are on our home or small business networks. This is the furthest thing from the truth. There are millions of vulnerable routers and other devices that thieves can log in to every day. Most consumers are not aware of this. The assumptions are, when they purchase a router or firewall application it’s safe and there’s nothing else to be done. This is a myth! All devices MUST be upgraded as soon as a newer firmware or software is available. It’s a possibility the new firmware was released to patch new exploits.

Most of the time, the owners of those outdated firmware devices will never know hackers have stolen their identity or their identities until it’s too late.

We Can Help Small To Medium Businesses

Vulnerabilities emerge daily within networks, web applications, and databases due to software defects or system misconfigurations. For devices to avoid exploitation by threat actors, eliminating these exposures to protect your critical assets and information is essential. For starters, to secure your network all networks must be scanned to eliminate the threats of exploitation. Cyber Security Consulting Ops will use scanning as part of the process to harden your network and the attack surface that hackers can use to steal business and personal information. We use a high vulnerability scanning service to find the faults within your network.

Our vulnerability scan detects and classifies the system’s weaknesses in computers, networks, and communications equipment and predicts the effectiveness of countermeasures. The scan will be performed by someone from our team, or we can make the recommendations to your IT department or your security service. It’s of great importance that all online businesses have a good strategy around vulnerability scans.  Vulnerability scans are also used by attackers looking for points of entry to your network.


We run all vulnerability assessment scans outside of your business hours to reduce any risks that may arise to the target devices. This will reduce the possibility of a loss of productivity at the time of each scan.

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