How To Celebrate Black-Owned Companies That Deserve Recognition

Please support them by joining the Black-Owned Economy and celebrating their successes! This guide lists some of the most inspiring ways to champion Black-owned companies making a difference in their communities.

You can make a difference by showing your support for Black-owned businesses. From buying their products to spreading the word about their success, there are plenty of ways to champion these inspiring companies making a difference in their communities.

Patronize Black-Owned Businesses.

One of the most powerful ways to show your support for Black-owned businesses is by patronizing them. Whether shopping their products, attending events and workshops, or signing up for their services, offering your financial aid can help these businesses find stability and thrive in a challenging business climate.

Share the Stories of Black Entrepreneurs.

One of the best ways to champion Black-owned businesses is to highlight their stories. This can be done through blog posts, podcasts, or video interviews with your network’s entrepreneurs or those you admire. By amplifying the stories of these inspiring business owners and sharing them with your network, you can help others discover these outstanding companies and get inspired to support their work.

Advocate for Change and Inclusion in Your Community.

The change doesn’t need to start and stop with you. Take the time to contact your local government and ask them to advocate for Black-owned businesses in their area. Encourage community leaders and business groups to invest in Black-run companies and organizations, provide access to capital, education, and funding for Black entrepreneurs, and offer mentorship opportunities.

Give to Charities Focused on Supporting the Black Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

Charities like The Entrepreneurial Development Institute, the National Black Business Association, and the National Minority Supplier Development Council cultivate a supportive ecosystem for Black-owned businesses by training other aspiring entrepreneurs and working to secure capital investments. Show your support for these organizations by learning to contribute through membership, donations, or volunteering. This helps create access to resources that empower those in the Black entrepreneurial community to succeed.

Use Your Platform to Promote Social Good Initiatives of Black-Owned Companies.

You don’t have to be a business owner or an active investor in the Black-owned economy to make a difference. By leveraging your platform, you can use your voice for social good and help create access for more people to get involved. For example, reach out to existing black-owned businesses driving positive change in their communities and promote their initiatives on your blog, Instagram account, or other platforms. This will introduce those businesses and their causes to larger audiences and encourage further participation—all while giving credit where it’s due.