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What We Do:

We are a risk-management cybersecurity consulting firm focused on helping organizations prevent data loss and system lock-ups before a cyber breach.

Cyber Security Consulting Ops Service Offerings:

IT Support Services, Wireless Penetration Testing, Wireless Access Point Audits, Web Application Assessments, 24×7 Cyber Monitoring Services, HIPAA Compliance Assessments
, PCI DSS Compliance Assessments, Consulting Assessments Services, Employees Awareness Cyber Training, Ransomware Protection Mitigation Strategies, External and Internal Assessments and Penetration Testing, CompTIA Certifications

We are a computer security service provider providing digital forensics to recover data after a cybersecurity breach.

Our Risk Assessment Offerings:

-External Assessment
-Internal Assessment
-Scenario-based network penetration testing
-Web application testing
-Social engineering testing
-Wireless testing
-Configuration reviews of servers and databases
-Detection and response capability evaluation

Most organizations lack the resources to maintain a robust cyber security compliance process. They either lack the financial backing or the human resources to implement a strong cyber security system that will keep their assets safe. We can consult and evaluate your organization on what is needed to implement your cyber security processes and a robust design.

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