Make Data Driven Decisions

Data should be the key to making more informed, strategic cybersecurity decisions — and ensuring you are spending your security dollars effectively. To get the most out of your increasingly limited cyber security resources and meet or surpass industry benchmarks, you need visibility into the relative performance of your security program — and insight into the cyber risk present across your ecosystem. Your policies should be in place and up to date before a data breach. Your mindset set should be when, not if we get breached. The process needed to recover from a breach should be practiced daily, weekly, and monthly.

As stated in the Forrester study, “cybersecurity is now a board-level topic and one that senior business leaders believe contributes to the financial performance of their organization.” Your board and senior leadership team want to ensure you have a strong security program in place — now, more than ever, as the widespread shift to Work From Home-Remote Office networks has introduced corporate devices to a variety of new and unique cyber risks.
All businesses and organizations are one click away from disaster. Employees must be fully trained to identify risks, and they must also learn how to avoid risks on their home network.
More than ever before the employees’ home network should be put into focus.

Training employees and the risk of not training employees should be key factors in today’s environment. Breaches in the form of ransomware or phishing attacks have now become commonplace. Employees must understand the risk to their organization and their family.

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