Phishing Attack Education

Phishing Attack Education

“Cyber attackers are continuously finding new ways to infiltrate your network; spoofing, ransomware, phishing, zero-day attacks, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) are just some examples of new ways attackers use identity deception to breach organizations successfully. For instance, BEC’s ability to trick unsuspecting employees by impersonating your CEO or other executives has cost companies $5.3 billion globally, according to the FBI,

1. As a result, organizations increasingly need more layers of protection to defend users from fraudulent senders and continuously adapt to drive a real-time understanding of senders, prevent breaches and provide enhanced security—the Power of Machine Learning Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection leverages three areas of machine learning modeling.

• Determines which identities the recipient perceives are sending the message
• Analyzes the expected sending behavior for anomalies relative to that identity
• Measures relationships to determine expected sending behavior; highly engaged relationships (such as between coworkers)
have tighter behavioral anomaly thresholds since they have higher overall risk if spoofed.”

Please read more about Cisco Phishing Protection here: Cisco Phishing Defense.

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