Cyber SecurITy Services Provider

We are a cybersecurity service provider that specializes in cybersecurity services as a solution company for whatever businesses would certainly require to secure their organization from cyber attacks. We offer cybersecurity assessment services, IT Support Services, Wireless Infiltration Testing, Wireless Access Factor Audits, Internet Application Evaluations, 24 Ă— 7 Cyber Surveillance Provider, HIPAA Conformity Analyses, PCI DSS Compliance Assessments, Consulting Assessments Services, Personnel Understanding Cyber Training, Ransomware Protection Reduction Techniques, Outside and also Internal Assessments, as well as Penetration Screening. We likewise provide electronic forensics to recuperate information after a cybersecurity breach.

Strategic collaborations enable us to stay current on the latest risks landscape. We also take care of companies where we resell IT items and options from various suppliers—included in our offerings are 24×7 trackings, endpoints security, and much more. Our clients vary from small companies to colleges, cities, towns, clinical suppliers, and little mom-and-pop stores.

As a Minority Company Venture (MBE), we are constantly looking for inclusivity for all people who want to belong to the cybersecurity sector by providing certificates from CompTIA and partnering with neighborhood education organizations and non-profits to help students in underserved areas.

We are expecting doing business with your firm or your company to supply expert cyber protection for your company and protect your process, procedure, and InfrAstructure from those who wish to harm us.