We Are Experts At Finding Vulnerabilities – References Available!

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-We Are Experts On Web Application Assessments

-We Are Experts On Employees’ Interactive Training

-We Are Experts On External Vulnerability Assessment

-We Are Experts On Internal Vulnerability Assessment

-We Are Experts On Ransomware Prevention And Best Practices

– We Are Experts In Discovering Wireless Access Point Mis-Configurations

Why Is It Important To Assess Your Web Applications?

Hackers can inject malicious codes into your website if the website server is running outdated software on the server or if plugins need to be updated. This is where we can help to identify these vulnerabilities.

Why Is It Important To Assess Your Access Point?

Local hackers can easily hack your system and use it for malicious purposes if they can scan and locate your access point misconfigurations. They can quickly access your system with a misconfiguration on your access point within 10 minutes.

Why Are We Experts In Cyber Security Online Interactive Training?

Our cyber awareness training should go well beyond sending employees simulated phishing emails. They must understand what they protect and their role in keeping their organization safe. They must realize they are partnering with your organization. Let our interactive cyber awareness training help your employees understand the landscape of scams and social engineering used by criminals so they can protect your assets.

Why Are We Experts On External And Internal Vulnerability Assessment?

We use multiple tools to identify vulnerability assessments with low false positives. We then provide our clients with a detailed report that helps them identify critical to common vulnerabilities. Based on vulnerabilities found, we work with our clients to develop the best strategies to mitigate all discovered risks.

Why Are We Experts On Implementing Ransomware Mitigating Processes?

Here are some of the ransomware plans we will help you to implement.
-Conduct a regular vulnerability assessment to identify and address vulnerabilities, especially on internet-facing devices, to limit the attack surface.

-Create, maintain, and exercise a basic cyber incident response plan and an associated communications plan that includes response and notification procedures for a ransomware incident.

-Ensure devices are correctly configured and that security features are enabled. For example, disable ports and protocols not being used for business purposes.

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