Cyber Security Healthcare


Here are some of the services we provide for cyber security in the  healthcare industry to keep organizations HIPAA Compliance:

-HIPAA Compliance
-Medical Device Protection
-Cybersecurity Assessment
-Cybersecurity Awareness Training
-Checklist For HIPAA Compliance

Cybersecurity in Healthcare:
In today’s electronic world, cybersecurity in healthcare and protecting information is vital for the normal functioning of organizations. For example, many healthcare organizations have specialized hospital information systems such as EHR systems, e-prescribing systems, practice management support systems, clinical decision support systems, radiology information systems, and computerized physician order entry systems. Additionally, thousands of devices that comprise the Internet of Things must be protected. These include smart elevators, innovative heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, infusion pumps, remote patient monitoring devices, and others. These are examples of some assets healthcare organizations typically have, in addition to those mentioned below. 

Cyber Awareness Training:
Most significant security incidents are caused by phishing. Unwitting users may unknowingly click on a malicious link or open a malicious attachment within a phishing email and infect their computer systems with malware. The phishing email may also elicit sensitive or proprietary information from the recipient. Phishing emails are highly effective as they fool the recipient into taking the desired action, such as disclosing sensitive or proprietary information, clicking on a malicious link, or opening a malicious attachment. Regular security awareness training is critical to thwarting phishing attempts.

We specialize in cyber security in healthcare for medical providers. It doesn’t matter the size of the organization. We have solutions to keep the security of their medical devices safe. We provide cybersecurity analysis solutions, IT Assistance Services, Wireless Penetration Screening, Wireless Access Point Audits, Internet Application Evaluations, 24 × 7 Cyber Tracking Services, HIPAA Conformity Evaluations,
PCI DSS Compliance Assessments, Consulting Assessments Services, Employees Understanding Cyber Training, Ransomware Security Mitigation Approaches, Internal and also exterior Analyses, as well as Infiltration Testing. We likewise provide electronic forensics to recoup information after a cybersecurity breach.
We have calculated partnerships that permit us to stay current on the most recent hazards landscape. We are additionally a handled services provider where we resell IT products and options from various suppliers. Consisted of our offerings are 24×7 surveillance, endpoints protection, as well as far more.

Cybersecurity in healthcare includes the defense of electronic information and possessions from unapproved gain access to, usage, and disclosure. There are three objectives of cybersecurity: protecting privacy, honesty, and also a schedule of info. This is likewise a law. The name of this legislation that handles wellness records for the federal government is HIPAA.
The significance of HIPAA (Health Insurance Mobility and also Responsibility Act). This workplace is regulated by the U.S. Department of Health And Wellness as well as Human Services.
They established the standard of just how a health supplier must handle patients’ health and wellness records.

Our customers range from small medical providers to school districts, municipalities, and colleges. Due to the effect, cyber breaches have had on small businesses, we are very concerned about small to medium medical providers who don’t have the robust enterprise security to protect themself from hackers who are relentless in stealing medical records. We believe all medical providers should have the same protection.