Web Application Scans

What Is Web Application?


Web application is software that can be manipulated to carry out malicious activities. This include, websites, emails, apps and many other software applications.

You can think of web applications as open doors to your home or business. They include any software application where the user interface or activity occurs online. This can include email, a retail site, or an entertainment streaming service, among countless others. With web applications, a user must be able to interact with the host’s network to serve up the content they are after. If a web application is not hardened for security, it’s possible to manipulate the application to go back into the host database that it sits on to send you any data that you or an attacker requests, even if it is sensitive information.

In today’s environment, hackers are injecting websites with malicious codes use to steal visitors information. Web application scanning should not be optional. They can be just as vulnerable as any other devices. But before you can effectively scan web applications, it’s essential to understand what a web application is and why it’s so important to have a web application security program at your organization. Scanning your web applications for vulnerabilities is a security measure that is not optional in today’s threat landscape.

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