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Vulnerability Assessment

All consumers MUST find a company that can give them an assessment of their bushiness and home network. There is a serious Cyber war raging for your assets and we must do all we can and more than we can to protect it. So many times we hear about identity theft and for the most part we assume it cannot happen to us while we are on our home or small business networks. This is the furthest thing from the truth. There are millions of vulnerable routers and other devices that thieves can login to everyday. Most consumers are not aware of this. The assumptions are,  when they purchase a router or firewall application it’s safe and there’s nothing else to be done. This is absolutely the furthest thing from the truth. All devices MUST be upgrade as soon as a newer firmware or software is available. It’s a possibility the new firmware release was to patch an exploits.

Intrusion Detection

How would you know if a hacker is on your home or business network?

Most organizations find out way to late they have been compromised. Most of the times a hacked company is informed of their breached by a 3rd party company. Some of them may never be notify and only find out after someone in their family or business has their identity stolen. The prevailing thought is a hacker will get in. So how will you know or find out when they get in?

End Point Protection

What is End Point Protection? The End Point Protection is a technical term refer to the client’s technologies we used to protect your laptop, desktop, smart phones, tablets and other smart devices or devices that fall under the term Internet of Everything (IoT). These devices uses firmware or can be updated to fix vulnerabilities. The EPP is the technology installed on the aforementioned devices to protect them from hackers or those with intentions of doing us harm. There are numerous technologies like virus and malware protections that can be considered as EPP. Traditionally people and organization mistakenly spend too much effort on protecting the perimeter which in this case could be firewall protection, but very small amount of resources on End Point Protection. Too much resource spend on the perimeter is a poor return on your investment.

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